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Veteran Cleaning Services LLC


Our Mission

Whether you are a busy professional, single person, family with children, seller, business owner, or senior citizen you can count on us to clean your home or business the way you want it cleaned.

We supply all of the products necessary to clean your home or office. We are respectable and responsible cleaners. You can count on us to get the job done.

Experts in Disinfection

We are not your typical disinfecting service! From disinfecting our equipment after each appointment to our nontoxic philosophy to our heavy emphasis on customer service, we are the go to disinfecting service for people who take disinfecting and service seriously.

Veteran Owned

This Team Will Make Your Place Clean In Short Time

Our company is Veteran/Family owned. We are dedicated to providing extraordinary office and house cleaning services for homeowners and businesses across Nevada. At Veteran Cleaning Services, we strive to exceed our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction